Howard picks up the pieces after tree branch bashes car

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LONG ISLAND -- Kathleen DiLeo of Massapequa, Long Island had quite a "welcome home" from a trip to San Diego last month.  Her boyfriend called to tell her car had just been bashed in by a falling tree branch.  Her car had been parked on the street outside his home.

“I was playing video games. Got a knock on the door from the neighbor across the street,” boyfriend Geoff Ahuja told us.

At least two neighbors saw a delivery truck back into the tree and knock down the branch.  The truck was delivering furniture from Huffman Koos.  Geoff finally managed to get information from the truck driver.

The damage amounted to almost $4,000.  And Kathleen had a $500 deductible.

“I tried contacting Huffman Koos and they pretty much told me that they weren’t admitting to any fault,” Kathleen said. “I’m on the phone non-stop. Been a lot of tears.  A lot of frustration.”

After the truckers’ insurance company refused to cover her deductible, Kathleen emailed us.

We didn’t contact Huffman Koos because it farmed out its delivery.  We contacted the company that handled the shipping: FGO Logistics, based in Elmwood Park, NJ.  The boss, Fernando Garcia immediately did the right thing.  He sent Kathleen a check for her $500 deductible.

“That’s a lot of money for me especially someone who’s going back to school.  So thank you so much for your help.”

We’re glad to help, Kathleen.  Good luck studying business.