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Comptroller Stringer opposes plan to cap Uber, opposing Mayor de Blasio

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CITY HALL, Manhattan –  The political fight concerning Uber is heating up.

Comptroller Scott Stringer is calling for City Council to delay a vote on capping the number of Uber cars on streets, saying you can't cap growth.

The Council wants to put a cap on Uber's growth for a year while its impact on traffic is studied, but Stringer said Monday that the study should be complete before any decision is made.

That position puts him directly against Mayor Bill de Blasio. Both are Democrats.

This week, the City Council is expected to vote on two proposals, one to study congestion and the other would limit the number of for hire cars while the study happens.

But Stringer does think Uber should pay a surcharge and he wants a more comprehensive study done, to look at congestion and wages, particularly for yellow taxi drivers.

De Blasio favors the bills. His office is concerned that if Uber has its way it will never agree to any controlled growth, but Stringer said a cap just isn't logical.

Meantime hundreds turned for an Uber job fair Monday in the city. San Francisco-based Uber opposes any cap and has unleashed a huge ad campaign against de Blasio.

Stringer has no power to legislate but he hopes the council will pause an delay the votes and hold off on any cap.

But he said Stringer also needs to make concessions, including instituting a ride surcharge to help fund the region's public transit network.

He also said the city should re-examine the working conditions of traditional cab drivers, "which for decades have been defined by long hours, low wages and few, if any benefits," and strive to provide equal access to taxi service across all city boroughs.

A City Council spokesman said a vote on the cap could be held Thursday.