Yes, you really can order from a ‘secret menu’ at McDonald’s

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NEW YORK – The rumors are true, McDonald’s does indeed have a ‘secret menu.’

You just have to be as creative as you are hungry, according to a Reddit AMA interview with a McDonald’s employee.

Orchidhibiscus, who claims to be a manager at a UK McDonald’s, said, “You can order from the ‘Secret Menu.’  Just like with any of our sandwiches, you can add, remove or change ingredients by special requests.”

The requests are just labeled “grill orders” on the tickets used by McDonald’s cooks.

Some of the popular ‘secret‘ items are the Land, Air and Sea burger (beef, chicken and fish) and the coarsely-titled McGangBang, a Junior Chicken inside of a Double Cheeseburger, according to

There’s also the Monster Mac, a Big Mac with six patties; the Big McChicken, a Big Mac using chicken patties instead of buns and the Chicken McGriddle, a breakfast sandwich with a fried chicken patty in place of the sausage egg, or bacon.

As far as the menu hacks go, McDonald’s Director of Media Relations Lisa McComb said that officially there is no secret menu, “but we know our customers are really creative and they tell us all the time that they enjoy customizing our menu.”