Trump continues to unload with heavy verbal jabs against fellow GOP candidates

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NEW YORK — It was PIX11 News who back on the first of July was the first report that Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city were reviewing the contracts that involved Donald Trump.  Included in the contracts, is the deal the city and Trump cut regarding the recently unveiled and highly-touted Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx.

On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the following regarding the status of the review during a news conference, "I don't have a report back yet.  My impression is that unless there has been some breaking of a contract or something that gives us a legal opportunity to act I'm not sure we have a specific course of action."

Mayor de Blasio then added that when it comes to Trump and future collaborations, the city is closed for business, "We are certainly not looking to do any business with him going forward."

Meanwhile New York City Councilman Mark Levine says that momentum has grown in his "Dump Trump" campaign, "We have gotten almost universally positive feedback on our push to get Trump out of parks."

Levine, who represents the 7th District in northern Manhattan, says the city has wide latitude to terminate the contract, "I think we need to push the envelope as far as we legally can to explore avenues to terminate these contracts, at the same time I am working with my staff to explore legislative solutions here to see if we need to amend city law."

Meanwhile Trump, the GOP frontrunner, was back on the campaign trail skewering Republicans in South Carolina, "That's all they do is run. Most of them don't know what they are doing, they just run. You wind them up and they run for office.  They don't do anything once they get there. I know them better than anybody."

At one point Trump talked about his fiery tone and set his sights on South Carolina's senior Senator, "So they say they didn't like the way, that you know, I am little loud. I am a little too strong and they don't like it and then I watched this idiot Lindsey Graham on television today and  he calls me a jackass, he's a jackass."

Trump was responding to Graham's earlier characterization of him and what he would say to the real estate mogul, "That he is a jackass. That he is bringing his name down, he's not helping the process. He shouldn't be Commander-In-Chief."

At one point during his campaign stop, Trump took politics to a new level by making public Senator Graham's personal cell phone number.

Perhaps, one of the most intriguing comments of the day? Trump continuing to proclaim that not only will he win the Latino vote but that Mexicans are in love with him, "I love Mexico and I love the Mexican people. I have thousands of Mexicans working for me. I sell apartments for millions of dollars to people from Mexico, they love me, they love me."

If he is like this now, imagine what Trump will be like on a Cleveland stage the night of August 6th.  That is when the GOP is scheduled to have its first debate.