Man survives lightning strike, wins lottery

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CANADA – A man who survived a lightning strike has won a million dollar lottery prize with his coworker, along with a $10,000 bonus.

According to CTV, Peter McCarthie has been buying lottery tickets with his coworker Diana Miller for about a year, but on Monday, they finally hit it big. They collected their million-dollar prize from Atlantic Lottery 649. McCarthie gets an additional $10,000 because he owns the store where he bought the ticket.

McCarthie was just 14 when he was struck by lightning during a boating trip.

“I was trying to lock the boat up, it was a very sunny day, there was one big, white cloud in the sky and the lightning bolt came through the trees and hit me,” McCathie told CTV Atlantic. CTV also reports McCarthie’s daughter was also struck by lightning under similar circumstances: she was also struck while locking up boats, when she was working as a wilderness guide in Manitoba.

What are the chances? CTV says the odds of getting struck by lightning in Canada are less than one in a million.

The Atlantic Lotto has even worse odds — one in 13,983,816.

Mathematics professor at the University of Moncton, Sophie Leger, told CTV that experiencing both is “approximately 1 in 2.6 trillion.”

McCarthie’s coworker Miller wants to take a trip to Cancun. McCarthie wants to take his wife of over 30 years on a second honeymoon.