Number of train crashes adding up on LIRR

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JAMAICA, Queens —Two trains side-swiped each other Friday evening near the Jamaica station on the Long Island Rail Road. Impact cracked windows but no one was hurt. Passengers snapped pictures and video of the damage, and recorded responders setting up a yellow board on which riders would evacuate.

The LIRR is seeing an uptick in accidents this year. So far this year, there have been 12 crashes. 2015 is already outpacing crash totals from the last 3 years.

But riders catching a train today said accidents would not deter them from getting on board.

"It’s just something we gotta pray about, hopefully we get there safe," said Dee Miller.

A spokesman for the MTA said they are still investigating what caused Friday's collision. Questions about the crash are expected from board members at Monday's regularly scheduled MTA board meeting.