Thief robs girls’ lemonade stand after he was given a free cup

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Santini Tate

Santini Tate, 18, is accused of stealing $30 from a lemonade stand run by two 13-year-old California girls (handout)

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — When life recently handed a California man lemons, he stole from a lemonade stand.

Police say Santini Tate approached a Rancho Cucamonga lemonade stand run by two 13-year-old girls Wednesday afternoon and told the young proprietors he had no money.

The girls took pity on Tate, 18, and gave him a free cup of lemonade.

Moments later, he thanked them by stealing their $30 cash, police say.

A brother of one of the girls pursued the thief but was only able to retrieve their empty cash box, reports KTLA.

Police picked up Tate just 10 mintues later and booked him on suspicion of strong arm robbery.