Landlord wants to get rid of Chelsea pet hotel over odor concerns

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CHELSEA, Manhattan – It's a dog eat dog world, but is the landlord really trying evict the pampered pooches who spend a night of luxury in D Pet Hotel?

It's a dog's life for the pampered pooches who stay at D Pet Hotel in Chelsea. At this Waldorf for the four-legged set, furry friends arrive in Bentleys, or chauffeured black cars, enjoy a spa treatment for tired paws, bowser treadmills to keep in shape and "uber" suites with 42 inch TVs to be in the lap of luxury for up to $200 a night.

But their Chelsea landlord is complaining about that dreaded part of the pampered pooch's life, doggy odor.

"Well, it is animals at the end of the day," dog owner Andrew Belcher who dropped off his English Bull, Manchego, for the day. "They do a decent job of controlling the odor, probably better that your average dog place."

The D Pet Hotels has filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court asking their landlord for more time to improve their air filtration system.

"We are a luxury dog hotel," one co-owner told PIX 11. "We work in every way possible to create a home away from home for our dogs. As we've grown, we've had to cooperate with the landlord to provide the very best service for our dogs. We love being in Chelsea and we plan to be here for a very long time."

One dog lover who is not a customer, Angela Hayden, did not see doggy odor a problem.

"It fixable," then she added, "they treat dogs like their own children."

In the 3 and a half years, D Pet Hotel has been on West 27th Street, the bowser population has more than tripled in numbers and customers seem very happy about their treatment.

"I think they do a great job, very clean and the staff is very engaged," Belcher said. "They really love animals."

The building's landlord wasn't available to comment on the lawsuit because of the holiday.

But both sides will be back in court in August for hopefully what will not be a "ruff" time.