Amazing Acro-cats take over Brooklyn with leaps, high walks and sass

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BROOKLYN– Call it the “furriest” show on earth.

It’s one-of-a-kind circus where the stars of the show are of the feline persuasion and they’re called the Acro-cats.

From walking high wires to riding skateboards, the cats know how to put on a show.

It’s a show that was initially just a hobby for cat lover and trainer Samantha Martin.

“We started doing this for fun,” Martin told PIX11 News. “But then I started going to art galleries and we would do the whole set up and pass the jar around for tips and people would come out in droves. “

“The show sucked,” she revealed. “It was terrible when it first started.”

Thirteen years after rescuing and training her first cat, Martin is selling out shows across the country.

This one, at the Muse in Bushwick where the sassy felines will be performing all weekend.

Martin admits that she can never guarantee a perfect show because after all, “cats are still cats.”

They’re probably the most unprofessional species I’ve ever worked with,” she said. “That’s why we have a chicken – I know I can count on that chicken.”

A chicken who goes by the name Cluck Norris. You heard right.

The unpredictability – where performers go off script and stage – adds on to the show’s appeal but it leaves Martin feeling like a nervous wreck.

“I just have to remember that people are here to see the cats and they love it when the cats screw me over,” she said. “So it’s at my expense and I just have to keep on smiling no matter what.”

The Acro-cats are currently traveling the country on a national tour.  To find out where they’ll pop up next, visit their site: