Scattered body parts found near New Haven train station

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding two severed legs and what appears to be a human arm found in New Haven Wednesday morning.

According to WTIC, the legs, with socks on the feet, were found by a man near State Street Station.

The legs were found hidden under thick foliage, along a fence on Court Street, very close to a major New Haven roadway.

A few hours later, police found at least one human arm in a plastic bag on a ledge not far from the legs, WTIC reports.

Officer David Hartman, of the New Haven Police Department, said the remains were likely there for over a week. However, authorities say the age, gender and race of the victim are still a mystery.

Hartman said the remains will go to the Chief State Medical Examiner’s office and continue the investigation there.

Police will check local missing persons cases in an attempt to find a match. The New Haven Police Department deals with around 600 missing persons cases every year, mostly runaways. Most of those people are found safely.