FAO Schwarz closes: See 1988 review of ‘Big,’ featuring ‘Big Piano’ scene

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This is PIX11's original review of "Big" starring Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins. It aired on June 3, 1988 . The review, by Jeffery Lyons, contains video from the the famous piano scene in FAO Schwarz. which is closing its flagship location on Wednesday. Schwarz is the oldest toy store in America. The New York City store opened in 1870 and moved to its current location 1986. There is no word yet if the store will be reopened in another location.


Tom Hanks, the lead from "Splash" and "Nothing in Common," has just the right degree of gentleness here as a 13-year-old who longs to be big. His body is then accidentally transformed into a 30-year-old body at a carnival make-a-wish machine with eerie powers.

He lands a job then at a New York toy company  in a scene typical of the adorable humor in this film, he and his boss, Robert Loggia, tickle the giant ivories at a visit to FAO Schwarz, the famous New York toy store.

Of course his job entails a fancy party or two where some adult delights cause momentary problems for a kid caught in a grownup's body.

When an attractive colleague from the office wants to see his toy-laden loft apartment, he jumps at the chance — though not in the way she expected.