Cops searching for suspects responsible for drive-by paintball attacks

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WESTERLEIGH, STATEN ISLAND -- Anthony Skomina says it's hard to believe someone would want to start trouble in his Westerleigh neighborhood. Aside from a random incident where his car was egged a few years ago, he says the area stays pretty quiet.

According to her Facebook page, his neighbor Renee Mafaro says she was walking her brother's Yorkie on Collfield Ave around 10:30 Saturday night when an dark-colored SUV with tinted windows rolled down drove up next to her. She posted pictures of her injuries saying "Just got shot in the leg by a paintball by some young punks in a dark SUV. They were aiming for 4 pound Yorkie." Shes not the only one.

Earlier that same night, at around 10 p.m., police say a 41-year-old man was shot with a paintball gun while riding his bike on Adelaide Avenue in Oakwood. Retired NYPD detective Patty O'Dea says shes out walking her dog all the time and never feels threatened.

These incidents follow another similar situation. Police say an Orthodox Jewish man was shot with a paintball gun in his shoulder while walking with his family in Meiers Corners on Westwood Ave. Police are looking for the driver for the GMC Envoy posted in this picture.

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