Bicyclist killed in crash near Barclays Center in Brooklyn

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BROOKLYN — A tragic and rude awakening for New Yorkers at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues in downtown Brooklyn Monday morning, "As soon as I come out of train station I heard a bang," said Lincoln Warwick, a witness to an accident that killed one and sent six others to the hospital.

"You see things like that you want to cry because it ain't you but it is somebody else, innocent people getting mowed over by a motor vehicle," said Warwick in reference to a bicyclist who was struck by an SUV in the  Barclays Center.

For most of the morning, debris was scattered everywhere along several city blocks with a fire hydrant knocked out of its foundation on its side in the middle of the street.

The remnants of a Columbia bicycle was still seen jammed into the wheel basin of the SUV in question.  "The bicyclist, he had nothing to say because he didn't even see the truck coming... just out of the blue," said Warwick to PIX 11 News in the minutes following the crash.

Joseph Weaver corroborated the impact between the SUV and the bicyclist stating that, "This guy did not even stop. He just went boom! He just slammed into him."

Uber driver Zack Sharhan told PIX11 News he was carrying three passengers in his car when he was hit from behind by an SUV near Fourth Avenue and Dean Street. He said the force of the crash sent his vehicle flying into the intersection, "After I got hit, the SUV went on the sidewalk and then went on the opposite side of the road and he just kept on going forward."

Sharhan said he saw the SUV driver continue down Fourth Avenue where he hit a second car and struck a bicyclist who was tossed onto the roof of the SUV and carried for more than a block before being tossed in the street. Police pronounced the bicyclist dead at the scene.

Now in his second week on the job, Sharhan said he’s never experienced anything like this. Three passengers in his back seat were hurt — one of them suffered minor injuries, while the other two suffered serious injuries — and were taken to a hospital, according to FDNY.

The conditions of those people in the second struck car were not immediately known.  In all, six victims are recovering at Methodist Hospital according to the NYPD.

No charges have been filed in the accident as law enforcement say it is still being investigated.

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