Newborn taken from mother who changed her mind about adoption

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MOBILE, Ala. – A young mother is looking for explanations and her only child back after she believes he was wrongfully taken from her.

According to WALA, three weeks after Kimberly Rossler, 25, gave birth to her first child in May, sheriff’s deputies arrived at her home and took little James Elliot Rossler away. She said she cried and begged for an explanation.

“They let me finish breastfeeding him, and I put him in his car seat, as I screamed and cried and watched them take my child away, with no answers whatsoever,” Rossler told WALA.

In the early stages of the pregnancy, Rossler told Huffington Post she was pressured by her emotionally abusive, “on-and-off” boyfriend to have an abortion as he did not “want anything to do with” the child.

“Once I told Greg that I didn’t have an abortion, he began threatening me, saying that he was going to make my life hell and that I was a horrible candidate for raising a human, etc.,” Rosser told HuffPo.

Rossler said she found Adoption Rocks which put her in touch with an adoption lawyer, who suggested Kate, who was supposedly “rich” and wanted an open adoption with visits on “Christmases and birthdays.”

However, as the pregnancy progressed, she started having doubts. Rossler said she was able to get into a better housing situation with a friend and realized she could return to her work at the daycare and little James with her.

Rossler claims she only had a verbal agreement with adoption attorney, and nothing was put to paper or signed.

“I didn’t think there was any need to sign anything, because she (the attorney) told me that paperwork was not final until after he was born,” Rossler told WALA.

Rossler believes the adoptive mother sent deputies to take the baby from her. She said she hasn’t seen her child in several weeks, and has no idea how he’s doing.

Rossler’s adoption lawyer released a statement which can be read in full here. The lawyer, Donna Ames, wrote that Rossler gave “no indication that the birth mother had plans to back out of the adoption until May 20, 2015, a few days prior to the birth of the child.” And it was Rossler’s mother who informed the lawyer the new mom was backing out of the deal. Ames said she was no longer representing the prospective adoptive mother as of May 23.

“I finally had peace in my life, that I had this unconditional love I have always wanted,” Rossler told WALA. “And to know that my child has been taken from me, and not even knowing what is going on with him.”


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