Let there be ticker tape! Lower Broadway converting into ‘Canyon of Heroines’ for U.S. women’s national soccer team

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NEW YORK — The ticker-tape parade is a tradition that has become synonymous with New York City, and victory.

Whether it was World Series champions or returning astronauts, the city has saluted countless heroes with paper and cheers.

Since the first parade in 1886, 205 parades have strolled up the canyon of heroes in lower Manhattan.

When it comes to tonnage – the largest ticker-tape parade ever happened in 1981 when 971 tons of paper drifted up Broadway when the American hostages returned from Iran.

To put it in perspective, only 34 tons of paper were used when the New York Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008.

While paper will still be used Friday, the women’s U.S. soccer team will be making their triumphant stroll up the “Canon of Heroines” becoming the first women’s sports team ever to be receive the rare accolade.

"We wanna remind everybody – please throw just paper," said Jessica Lappin, president of the Downtown Alliance, reminding those along the route to practice good judgment. "We’ll have our heroines marching up Broadway but we’ll also have spectators lining up across the route and we want to keep everyone safe."

In past years, businesses and offices along the parade route got a little bit too carried away with what they were tossing and personal information like Social Security numbers and medical records were later uncovered amid the confetti.


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