Trooper in charge of prison-break hunt: ‘It’s like chasing a ghost’

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"It's like trying to chase a ghost."

That's how New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico described the three-week search through rural upstate New York for escaped killers  David Sweat and Richard Matt. In an interview with PIX11 News on Thursday, D'Amico explained how police went about chasing the men.

Over the course of the 22 days, the men only traveled about 35 miles, D'Amico said.  Sweat and Matt made their way through the harsh terrain of the woods, which is what impeded their progress.

The search was a challenge for the police in part because Sweat and Matt had been in prison for so long that they no longer had connections to the outside world that police could use as leads.

The police are continuing to follow up on leads — the investigation is far from over.