Disturbing Facebook video leads to animal cruelty charges for Brooklyn man

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SUNSET PARK - At night, the animal's cries would pierce the air as the Brooklyn man beat his dog, according to a neighbor whose disturbing Facebook video has been shared thousands of times and eventually led to an arrest.

The video is difficult to watch -- it shows a man holding a broomstick over a dog as it cowers in the corner of the backyard.  He appears to strike the pooch repeatedly as it yelps and cries.

"I yelled at him last night when I went to feed my dog cause (I) heard him again beating the dog . . with a metal stick and dog was crying," wrote a woman named Maria, who posted video of the alleged abuse.  "Those dogs are Chinese Mastiff . . . huge . . . but beautiful and he locks them in little cages where they can't even stand or move."

"Blow this up, make it go viral," wrote one woman in the comments of the video.  "If no one else is doing something we all need to help this poor dog."

Outrage over the video was so great that people made signs and began protesting in front of the building at 454 48th Street, demanding an arrest.

On Thursday, they got their wish.  Police showed up to the house and arrested Liang Zhou, 35, now faces two counts of animal cruelty.

The dog, a female Mastiff, is being treated by the ASPCA, but the extent of the injuries is not clear.  "Four additional dogs from the property have been transported to the ASPCA Animal Hospital for examination," according to communications manager Natasha Whitling.  "This is still an open NYPD case, and we cannot comment further at this time."