Caught on camera: Street stop turns into boxing match between officer, suspect

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HARLEM -- As is the case with most videotaped police-civilian encounters, what you see on the screen doesn’t always capture the entire story.

One such encounter was recorded Wednesday afternoon in Harlem on Fredrick Douglas Boulevard. It involved 30-year-old Saykou George, the man seen wearing a red shirt, a plainclothes NYPD officer in a gray shirt, and his partner.

George’s friend Jun Ice was there and hit record on his phone when he noticed the situation was escalating.

The NYPD has since confirmed that before Jun Ice began recording the street stop, officers found a knife on George. What's still unclear, however, is what probable cause the officers had to search George in the first place.

It’s what happened later on in the encounter that made this incident different than others.

First, it was George’s refusal to wait in the officer’s vehicle while they ran his ID, followed by an all-out boxing match between George and the male officer.

George now faces several criminal charges for carrying what police say was a Gerber model knife, assaulting the officer, and resisting arrest.

Commissioner William Bratton said the officers’ actions are currently not in question. An internal investigation is underway.