Man’s selfie atop Brooklyn Bridge raises eyebrows about security

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A photo posted to Instagram on Monday is raising questions about how the man who apparently took the photo was able to scale the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most high-profile pieces of architecture in the city that recently has become the stage of choice for daredevils and artists alike.

"My first reaction is, 'When did this happen?'" security expert Manny Gomez said.

The photo that surfaced on Instagram Monday has some questioning the security of the Brooklyn Bridge. (DavidKarny/Instagram)

While it may be perceived as dangerous for the man in the photo, Gomez told  PIX11 News that looking at the picture left him concerned not for the selfie star, but for the people below.

"It's a threat to people who are on the bridge or walking the bridge," Gomez said, adding that the picture will have to be analyzed to determine whether it was altered with Photoshop.

"Today there are computer programs that do amazing things," Gomez said.

PIX11 News tried to reach the man who posted the photo, but has not yet heard back.

In a statement, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-terrorism John J. Miller said the daring photo-taker's behavior does not constitute a "security breach."

"The person most endangered was the individual who's goal seems to be bringing attention to himself. It was however, irresponsible and illegal," Miller said. "Had the officers patrolling the bridge arrived while he was there, he would have been arrested, as others have been. When he called the act 'not a smart thing to do,' he described it correctly."