Caught on camera: Rowdy passengers beat up Uber driver

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — An Uber driver got a beat down from some would-be riders, according to video of the incident which states it happened in Brooklyn.

The cell phone footage shows a driver being slapped repeatedly by at least four young men, as they laugh and yell profanities. The minute-and-a-half video ends with the driver being put into a chokehold by one of the men. His friends then yell for him to release the driver. The video ends with the driver getting out of the car.

It’s unclear exactly when the assault occurred, but the video was posted on YouTube Friday.

A spokesman for the ride-sharing app said they are investigating and called the incident “deplorable”. Uber stands “ready to assist the NYPD in bringing these individuals to justice," said Uber spokesman Matt Wing. As of this writing, the NYPD was unable to confirm if the department had opened an investigation into the beat down.

“I don’t pick up kids,” said Alvin Black, a driver who was shown the video. “You know, when it’s four or five of them, it is a problem.”

Black said he had never been physically assaulted by a customer before but he says that a group of young kids did run out on his fare once. Others say driving at night is the most efficient time, despite the risks.

“You know it is relaxed. No traffic, nothing. And you can get your fares and everything easily,” said another driver Muhammad Ghan.

In the past week, a driver in Pittsburgh was reportedly carjacked and reports say an Uber driver in Ottawa was beaten unconscious.

This week the company implemented a new policy where drivers and riders are banned from carrying guns. The company said this will help to make the service safer. The change comes after a Chicago Uber driver reportedly shot a gunman.

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