Hulu recreates Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment in Meatpacking District

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT, Manhattan — From on screen to on West 14th Street. Fans can now sit in Jerry Seinfeld's living room, a recreation of it that is.

Organizers said fans are coming by the hundreds to visit.

"It's iconic right," said fan Mary Keir.

Some of the items are on loan from Jerry, we were told.

You can see a recreation of the bathroom, even the cereal, and more.

"Big Seinfeld fan, and it's just exciting to be able to get in there, take pictures, make believe we're Jerry, Elaine," said fan Alan Tarzy.

Organizers said this is a real world version of the apartment, and that the production designer from Seinfeld was consulted.

The apartment is to celebrate Hulu starting to stream Seinfeld episodes.

The apartment is free and open to the public from 10AM through 7PM through June 28th located 451 West 14th Street.

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