Dead man found sitting in car that had been ticketed twice

Posted: 12:06 PM, Jun 24, 2015
Updated: 2015-06-24 17:37:56-04

DITMAS PARK – A man was found dead inside of a car parked illegally on a Ditmas Park street Tuesday — a car that had been given not one, but two tickets.

The body, identified as 47-year-old  Mamadou Barry , according to the New York Daily News, was discovered inside a Buick Regal parked in an alternate side parking zone on Rugby Rd. near Albermarle.

A Traffic Enforcement Agent had first ticketed the car on June 16.  Barry had one of the tickets inside the vehicle with him, and the other was still underneath a windshield wiper when city workers pulled him from the car around noon Tuesday.

Witnesses said they saw a traffic agent skip Barry’s car that day, but ticket the vehicles in front and behind.  Police say the agent was going to ticket Barry’s car when an SUV pulled up and the occupants asked the agent not to, saying it was their friend’s vehicle.  According to police, the agent gave them a break and skipped the car.  It’s not clear whether or not he noticed anyone inside.

Police sources told the paper that Barry likely died of natural causes and was suffering from several health problems.  His roommate, who said he had last seen him Monday, told police Barry would often drive himself to the hospital when he sensed something wasn’t right.