SEE IT: Thief runs into burning home to steal mother’s purse

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FRESNO, Calif. — As a mother was losing much of what she owned to a fire that ripped through her California home, a thief took it upon himself to add insult to injury — rushing into the house not to save anyone, but to ransack the place, CNN affiliate KMPH reports.

Courtney Okerson was making sure no one else was in her home as flames erupted when she saw a man running out of the house — with her purse in his hand.

The thief didn’t just risk his life once. He went into the burning home a second time.

“The first time he went in he stole something that we don’t know,” Okerson told KMPH. “Then I guess he felt brave enough and thought he saw my purse. He came back in for the goal which was my wallet.”

A neighbor’s security cameras caught the bizarre crime. Okerson can be seen trying to get the attention of police officers or firefighters, but the perpetrator quickly escaped, riding away on a bicycle.

“I just can’t believe somebody taking advantage of a moment like this to commit a crime,” neighbor Delia Garcia told the station.

“How dare you? How dare you take advantage?” she said. “Get a job, support yourself don’t depend on others.”

Okerson said she couldn’t believe the thief’s heartlessness.

“That’s pretty bad that would steal from someone at a crisis like this,” Okerson said. “My daughter was screaming and you’re worried about a few bucks.”