Backstage on Broadway with Tamsen Fadal: Jason Alexander steps into lead role in Larry David’s ‘Fish in the Dark’

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“Making people laugh!”

It's what Jason Alexander lives to do. He did it for nearly a decade on Seinfeld and now he's hoping to make audiences laugh on Broadway in the show Fish in the Dark.

“It’s a fun play, it’s a very funny role," Alexander said. "Larry wrote it in that wonderful turf that he lives in so well.”

He's talking about none other than Larry David.

“It’s a great cast," David said. "Honestly, I’m loathed to admit ever having fun but we do have a lot of fun!”

"It should all be a very easy fit,” Alexander added. “I mean I do a very solid Larry David impression, but it can’t just be that, this character has more dimensions than I think even Larry’s aware of.”

It's a role the longtime comedy writer always wanted Alexander to play.

“That’s the way it should have been from the start," David said. "But better late than never.”

David starred as the lead when it opened in March, something he hasn't done since middle school.

“This one was a little harder than the one in the 8th grade,” David said.

“For someone who doesn’t have this in his DNA, doing eight shows a week is a very challenging thing to do,” Alexander said on David.

But it's exactly where Alexander feels most at home. He;s appeared in several Broadway shows and won a Tony Award in 1989.

“I love theater, and I love Broadway," Alexander smiled. "This is where I always wanted to make my living and was doing that until he [Larry David] pulled me out and made me an internationally beloved comedy superstar and sex icon so it’s a fantastic way to come back.”

And he's hoping this character will have a similar impact on fans as George Costanza.

“George has made my life very very good," Alexander said. “I appreciate that it’s so meaningful to people that they’ve held onto it.”

You catch Fish in the Dark at the Cort Theatre through July 18.