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SEE IT: Meter maid shocks bystanders by lifting NYC taxi in prank video

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NEW YORK – It takes a lot to stop New Yorkers in their tracks — but the sight of a diminutive traffic cop lifting a yellow taxi, with the driver still inside, certainly did.

Actress Jenni Ruiza played the 5-foot-3-inch meter maid in the jaw-dropping online video shot in multiple locations in New York City.  As cameras recorded surreptitiously, Ruiza would walk up to the doctored cab and tell the driver, played by stuntman Bob Cotter, that he had to move.

When he loudly tells her to get lost, bystanders sense a fight brewing and start paying attention.  But they aren’t ready for what Ruiza does next — she grabs the front end of the car and lifts it up over her head with a powerful grunt.

“I think you better move,” a bystander says to Cotter.

“That’s girl power!” says one woman.

The video was created by Thinkmodo for a new company that helps people sell their cars, “Car Lister.”  You may remember Thinkmodo from the terrifying “Devil Baby Attack,” which is undoubtedly still haunting the dreams of some New Yorkers.

The “taxi” was actually a 2005 Ford Escape painted yellow with fake taxi emblems.  The engine was removed from the front and steel plates were placed in the trunk as a counter-weight.  Ruiza said lifting the car ended up feeling like she was hoisting her 30 pound dog.

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