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NJ man loses testicle after boss grabs him during team-building seminar: lawsuit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW JERSEY – He went upstate for two days of team building, but returned with one of his testicles so damaged it had to be removed, according to a New Jersey man’s lawsuit against his former boss.

In July of 2012, Michael Peacock, 45, was on a business retreat with fellow employees from the data-security company Iron Mountain Management, during which his boss, Richard Langtry, took the team out for drinks in Kingston, followed by a cruise on the Hudson River.

Peacock claims that heavy day-drinking continued into the evening and his boss became inebriated, according to court papers cited by the New York Post.  The two bumped into each other outside a bathroom, according to the suit, and Langtry “grabbed [Peacock’s] left testicle, squeezed it hard and pulled it down as if to rip it from his groin.”

Peacock, who stands 6 feet 8 inches tall, says the shooting pain from the “emasculating” attack left him doubled over in agony.  The testicle grab was a “perverse and misguided attempt by Langtry to bond with Peacock while simultaneously demonstrating his authority and dominance,” according to the suit.

The court filing claims that Langtry had to undergo three surgeries ending in the removal of one of his testicles.  Peacock, a father of two, says his sex life is no longer the same.  After the team-building seminar Langtry was fired, but Peacock’s attorney, Christopher Kelly, says many of Peacock’s co-workers turned on him, mocking him after the surgery by calling him a “drag queen” and joking that he should “chop the other one off.”

Peacock, who says he was eventually forced out of his position with the company, is suing Langtry, Iron Mountain and three bars that served the team alcohol during the team-building seminar.