How colors impact your environment

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Miranda Van Gelder, lifestyle director at “Dr. Oz The Good Life,” discusses how color impacts your environment along with items that will help boost your performance.

Green (inspires creativity, boosts performance on creative tasks, good for the office):

  • Stapler and tape dispenser by Lexon, $20 each, available at
  • Basic Turkish Hand Towel by Turkish-T, $19, available at
  • Green with Envy Throw Pillow, $46, available at
  • Morocco Serving Bowl, $35, available at

Orange (enhances appetite– good for entertaining but limit it in the kitchen):

  • Mixture 12-oz Soy Cocotte Fill Candle, $30, available at

Blue (activates problem solving, can be cooling during warm temperatures):

  • Fade Up Rattan Floor Basket, $59, available at
  • Acrylic Fez Embossed Tumbler Glasses, $12 for set of four, available at
  • Applique Blues 16-inch Pillow, $30, available at

Red (energizing but can make analytical thinking hard):

  • Rose Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, $98, available at
  • Dots Collection 2.0 Programmable Coffee Maker, $40, available at