Sale of 9/11 memorial pulled from online auction

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NEW YORK — Two beams that were in the North towers and erected as part of a memorial in 2003 in Salem, Virginia generated much outrage on Monday in New York City, not so much the memorial itself but rather the way it was being moved.

The memorial was on the auction block and those who were at the pile like Manny Gomez and John Feal following the attacks were not pleased to see it being offered online.

"It's a sin for them to sell it and make money off of thousands of people's tragedy," said Gomez, the founder of MG Security Services, "I'm not surprised, but I'm disgusted and to see somebody trying to profit off of 9/11," said John Feal of The FealGood Foundation.

The two were at the pile that was once the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in the hours following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.   The images they saw on that day and those that followed is something that will be engraved in their minds forever.

Feal shared with PIX11 News that there are many families who have never truly moved on from 9/11.

"There is no closure for these men and women and to see something like that you're adding salt to a wound that hasn't closed," said Feal.

Feal of course is referencing the memorial that hit the auction block.  During an interview with PIX11 News on Monday he also pointed out that the steel had a connection to those trapped inside on 9/11, "Somebody died on that steel, that is the bottom line.  There is DNA of those who died on that steel."

Motleys Asset Disposition Group out of Richmond, Virgina is the company coordinating the auction.  They described the the beams that make-up the memorial by using such words as mangled and tragedy.  Feal pointed out that, "The only tragedy is that this company is trying to profit by selling this online. That's the only tragedy."

Late Monday afternoon, Mark Motley, the CEO of the auction house slated to handle the sale of the memorial told PIX11 News that the individual sale of the memorial was being pulled.  The memorial will now be sold with the building it stands in front of and will not be moved.

By 5:40 p.m., the bidding process had been deactivated.

Less than 90 minutes later, Mark Motley, the CEO of the auction house that is coordinating the sae informed PIX11 that the sale had been adjusted and the memorial will stay put.

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