Rent regulations on NYC apartments set to expire Monday

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THE BRONX-- Time is running out for more than two million tenants covered by New York City's rent laws.

A deal has not been reached yet.

But you have a lease, your landlord has to respect it.

And Governor Cuomo threatened landlords that he would use "every tool at its disposal" to fight landlords who try to take advantage of tenants.

And says he is putting the pressure on legislators this week to get a deal done.

Rent regulations expire midnight Monday. Now more than two million tenants covered by New York City's rent laws are left wondering what's left.

Governor Cuomo says landlords are required to give tenants notice before raising rents or evicting them and that any extension of the law would be made retroactive because lawmakers couldn't reach a deal by Monday's deadline.

"I will not allow the Legislature to leave town until the rent laws are resolved and at the end of the day the rent laws will be in place so landlords and real estate speculators should not seek to exploit any apparent lack of clarity in New York City's rent laws..," Cuomo said.

Lawmakers could vote Monday to extend the rent law for a short period of time--months, perhaps-- to give them more time to hash out a compromise.