NYC sheriff with steamy photos reveals his next plan after internet fame

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NEW YORK CITY-- New York City sheriff Miguel Pimentel is plotting his next move after the internet went nuts over his steamy pictures.

It all started when Pimentel, 33, posted a picture of himself in front of his patrol car, along with other pictures of himself.

There’s been a flood of panting comments like, “Excuse me while I commit a felony.” And others like, “Frisk me, I’ve been very, very bad officer.” And, “I’m a bad girl, cuff me and take me to jail.”

"I had no idea it was going to go viral," Miguel Pimentel said of his sudden social media fame.

He wants to continue to protect and serve but is considering a career in modelling.

"I've always wanted to get into fitness modelling," he said. "I've been involved with the last couple of years."

Pimentel, a former Marine, has three tours under his belt. He joined the sheriff's department back in 2013.

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