Judge rules Brooklyn developers can block view of promenade

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BROOKLYN — "One of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, urban sites in the world."

That's how Bob Cutick describes the view from the Brooklyn Promenade. Cutick has lived in Brooklyn since the 1970s.  Monday he was strolling along the promenade with his family when he noticed the view of the Brooklyn Bridge obstructed by a massive construction project.

"The word that comes to mind is it's a visual rape," said Cutick.  "The Brooklyn Bridge is just magnificent and to have that view taken away from so many people just seems obscene."

Now it's likely the view will remain obstructed forever.

After the group "Save the View Now" collected more than 6,000 signatures, they sued the developers claiming the building height exceeded previously established limits agreed upon during the planning stages.

But last week a judge ruled that no such agreement was ever put in place and added that the statute of limitations had run out.

Still in his decision the judge agreed the buildings clearly do not fit along the water front.

“The casual passerby walking along Brooklyn’s majestic Promenade is struck with the indelible impression that these buildings, now nearing completion, are simply too large," Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Lawrence Knipel wrote.

The judge also noted that revenue from the buildings, which will include 108 condos and a 200-room hotel, will support longterm maintenance and operations at Brooklyn Bridge Park which might not otherwise exist.

"That's a wonderful benefit," said Cutick.  "But I wish there was some other way to do it without obscuring the view of that magnificent bridge."

And sightseers like Jon Gonzales, who used to live in the neighborhood agreed.

"I mean this has been here for a long, long time, millions of people have seen it," said Gonzales.  "They come to see it and I think it's going to be ruined."

Members of the group save the view now have said they are considering an appeal to the judge's decision, but in the meantime work continues at Brooklyn Bridge Park.