Gov. Cuomo issues stern warning to landlords as rent regulations expire

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NEW YORK -- No agreement could be reached between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers hours before the deadline Monday night, and rent regulations covering more than 2 million tenants in the New York City area are set to expire. In a statement, Cuomo had strong words for any landlords attempting to harass or remove tenants.

"At this point, both houses of the State Legislature have been unable to come to an agreement to pass new rent regulations. While today may be the legal expiration date for some of these laws, landlords should under no circumstances believe that their responsibility under the current rent stabilization program has expired."

Cuomo noted that these regulations have expired as recently as 2011, but any new package introduced will be retroactive, and reiterated his call for the state lawmakers to act immediately.

"Any landlord who attempts to exploit this situation will face serious legal consequences. I have been clear and unambiguous: this Legislature will not leave Albany without passing new rent regulation laws for the more than 2 million tenants who depend on these protections."