Crews suspend search for worker swept away in Passaic River until morning

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PASSAIC, N.J. — The search for a worker who was washed away while doing a bridge inspection in the Passaic River will resume Tuesday morning, officials said.

Two inspectors were working through the heavy rain around 2 p.m., at the President Street Bridge when a wall of water caused by heavy rainfall swept one of the men away. The other man tried to rescue him but the current was too strong.

Both bridge inspectors were working for a private company.

Eleven boats from both local and state police were in the water searching for the man. After hours of searching the river with rescue boats, police suspended the search around 5 p.m., because of heavy rains. They began again shortly after 5 p.m., and then finished for the day at 8 p.m.

A helmet and two flashlights were found in the water, officials confirmed.

The director of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management said the search is still being considered a rescue operation.

Authorities will not disclose the identity of the missing man until his family is notified.

The search will continue at 9 a.m.