Coney Island Cyclone breaks down for second time this season forcing riders to climb down

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Coney Island’s historic Cyclone roller coaster broke down Saturday for the second time this season, forcing riders to climb down the 88-year-old wooden structure on foot

CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — Riders on Coney Island’s historic Cyclone had the wind knocked out of their sails Saturday afternoon when the 88-year-old roller coaster broke down in the middle of a ride.

For the second time this season, the beloved coaster ground to a halt, forcing startled riders to climb down the wooden structure on foot.

Photos taken by bystanders below show staff members assisting the rattled riders on their walk down.

No injuries were reported.

While the cause of the breakdown remained a mystery Saturday evening, managers at Luna Park in Coney Island reported that that repairs were made and the coaster was started back up following an inspection.

In late March, a similar breakdown forced riders to file off the ride on Coney Island’s opening day (seen in video below).

The cyclone was closed for the day following that breakdown, which officials blamed on an ‘isolated mechanical issue.’

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