Women raise awareness about ‘drive-by’ street harassment in viral video

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BRYANT PARK, Manhattan — The video has already been seen more than one million times on YouTube.

"Our intention going in was to turn the tables on men, make men understand how it feels to be a woman putting up with these sorts of unsolicited approaches which happens to women all the time," said Ginny Leise.

Comedians Ginny Leise and SJ Son used a cell phone, and filmed in Bryant Park a couple of weeks ago.

Leise and Son said they were surprised by the reaction they're received. The video has gone viral.

"A couple of weeks ago, I was having a particularly hard time with drive-by street harassment, and I was getting very angry and talking to Ginny about it and so yeah, we just decided as a point of catharsis to film this," said SJ Son.

Last year, another video went viral showing a woman being catcalled more than 100 times.

And not long ago, we saw  "no catcalling" signs popping up around the city.

These women, now, are trying to raise awareness about what they call "drive-by street harassment".

"I'm just happy that we're bringing awareness to the topic," said Son.

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