Michigan man disregards girlfriend’s request, wins $1M lottery prize

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MICHIGAN— It rarely pays to disregard your girlfriend’s advice, but a Michigan man did just that — and became a millionaire.

An anonymous Livonia, Mich. man went against his girlfriend’s wishes and decided to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket at a BP gas station.

“On my way in, my girlfriend told me not to buy any Lottery tickets, but I didn’t listen,” said the player, according to a Michigan Lottery news release.

Later the player found out he had won the million-dollar prize, according to the Michigan Lottery.

“I scratched the ticket in the bathroom and thought I was having a heart attack when I saw it was a $1 million winner,”

BP gas station (Getty images)

(Getty images)

After checking with his parents and online to confirm, the player said it started to finally sink in.

“I play the Lottery pretty regularly and win a little here and there, but never thought I’d win $1 million!”

He’s not quite a millionaire, however, as he cashed out his ticket in Lansing, Mich. on June 3 and chose to accept his prize in a one-time sum of $634,517, the lottery said.

When asked what he was going to do with the money, the player said: “We’ve always wanted to go to Scotland, and this will give us the opportunity to do that.”

The player didn’t stop there; he went on to talk about his skeptical girlfriend as well.

“Maybe next time my girlfriend won’t be as skeptical when I’m feeling lucky and want to buy a Lottery ticket.”

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