Beyonce angers fans with ‘amazing’ announcement that was far from amazing

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NEW YORK —The art of the television promo is something that – if done correctly – could reel in tons of viewers.

But then there are some cases where certain buzz words don’t exactly match the final product.

In what was billed as a highly anticipated and “amazing” announcement from pop superstar Beyonce on Good Morning America Monday, was far from it.

Upon hearing that she was going to be breaking some major news, fans brainstormed on what it could be.

Pregnant? New album? World tour?

Some fans set their alarms clocks while others stayed up all night and when it was time for the big reveal, it was none of the above.

“Beyonce for the first time speaking on-camera about the diet that has changed her life,” GMA anchor Robin Roberts dished, tossing to a taped segment where Beyonce talked about being vegan.

Was it overblown – yes.

Was it that amazing – not really.

And technically Beyonce talked about her vegan diet months ago when she announced plans to partner with her nutritionist on making the plant-based diet available via home delivery.

As predicted, the legion of Beyonce fans known as the loyal and at times vicious “bee hive” attacked.

The lesson in all this: don’t ever believe anything ever again. Like ever.

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