Officer’s hot photos have the internet buzzing with excitement

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NEW YORK -- Talk about hot fuzz!

This New York City sheriff's deputy is melting the internet.

Sheriff's Deputy Miguel Pimentel has women begging to be handcuffed ever since he posted photos.

Yep, this is the shot that started it all, just leaning on his squad car, all casual-like.  33-year-old  Deputy Pimentel posted it on Instagram, along with a ton of other pics of himself.

And the internet went bonkers.

There's been a flood of panting comments like, "Excuse me while I commit a felony." And others like, "Frisk me, I've been very, very bad officer." And, "I'm a bad girl, cuff me and take me to jail."

You get the picture.

It seems New Yorkers have a thing for cute cops. Remember how we got all happy over the four Swedish policemen?

They were on vacation a few months back. On their first day riding the subways to go see "Les Miserables," when they helped stop a mugging on the train -- and looked good doing it.

But this situation here is homegrown talent.  Tattoos, bulging muscles and all.

Want more information on this NYPD officer?

Well, he's a former Marine with three tours of duty under his belt.

Pimentel joined the Sheriff's Department in 2013, the same year he won the New Jersey State Championship for Amateur Bodybuilding.

He loves his notoriety and so does his mother, who says, "he's my handsome boy." But apparently, his girlfriend of two years isn't quite so thrilled with all of this hoopla.

And the deputy does seem a little taken with himself, don't you think?

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