Community advocates angry with de Blasio’s appearance on ‘Daily Show’ amid rising gun violence

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LOWER MANHATTAN — An empty coffin was dragged to City Hall by community advocate Tony Herbert to make a point about the rising shooting deaths in the city.

Herbert said "This coffin is probably going to be used soon by one of our young people who are going to die due to gang and gun violence."

There has been a nearly 20 percent increase in homicides so far this year.

Earlier this week the NYPD released the alarming numbers for the Month of May, as well as surveillance videos of unsolved crimes over the last month.

With all of what's happening the gun violence in the city the timing of the mayor being a guest on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart is being criticized .

Herbert believes the mayor should have sat down with community leaders.

"Mayor there is blood on your hands because you refuse to meet with those who can make a difference in the community," said Herbert.

Normally "The Daily Show" takes a lighter approach on issues but Mayor de Blasio did answer serious questions about shootings in the city and how more than 300 officers will be pulled from their duties to focus on high crime areas. He also talked about stop and frisk.

In a statement a spokesperson for Mayor de Blasio said, "The mayor is committed to keeping our city the safest big city in America, and the NYPD is deploying officers to aggressively target any area experiencing a spike in violence. The Mayor is confident that just as last year, the NYPD will reduce crime and continue to keep our city’s overall crime rate down this year.”

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