VIDEO: Woman discovers snake eating egg in spice cabinet

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.  — This was something she certainly didn’t pick up at the supermarket.

On Sunday, Laura Neff was going about her normal activities on her hobby farm when she received quite a shock upon entering her kitchen. Right in front of her was a large, black rat snake descending from her spice cabinet and feasting on a basket of brown eggs.

Instead of losing her wits, Neff grabbed a camera and captured the incident.

“It got in through a hole in our laundry room floor, which is now covered by a VERY heavy concrete block,” Neff reported on her YouTube page.

After letting the snake finish the egg, she and her husband removed the serpent by picking it up with two brooms and releasing it out of a window in the home.

Luckily for the couple, the snake was not venomous and only eats field mice and animal eggs.

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