So-called granny panties pulling ahead of thongs as female favorite

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Is the day of the thong gone? In the past year, sales of the skimpy underthings fell 7 percent, and it looks like women are turning to the time-tested granny panty to fill the gap, since those sales are up 17 percent. But what are they really wearing?

The pressure to be Victoria Secret Supermodel is so over. It’s time to let it all hang out, whether you’re just hanging out and headed out on the town. The trends say we are increasingly embracing our inner granny or is that our under granny? The aptly named panties are the high-waisted, comfy drawers usually banished to the back of the underwear drawer -- but no more.

How did we get here anyway?

Let’s look at the evolution of the panty: In the 1700’s it was the very utilitarian split pants for ladies wearing layers of hoop skirt, which evolved to the underpants of the 1930s.

That is until women said forget these high-waisted girdles and cotton drawers and discovered the thong. Only to toss it aside again as the granny re-emerged as the durable, fashion be thrown aside granny panty.


Innerwear and outerwear lines have blurred, from Jane Fonda’s workout wear, to the thong taking center stage as women wrestled with panty lines. But has the thong seen it’s day? Sales have dipped 17 percent percent, while the high-waisted granny panty sale up 7 percent nationwide, according to the NPD Group. But now despite being finally freed to go high-waisted, many of today’s women still show a preference for a line free life.

“When I’m wearing a granny panty I’m well covered and protected," said Fran Credle, of Williamsburg.

"And the thong is for my time,” she added with a twinkle to her eye.

Petal, a fashionista from Flatbush, insists, “If you can find me a granny panty that doesn’t give me lines, otherwise I’m a thong. Lines are not cool!”

Andrea Soliz from Murray Hill chimed in, “Personally granny panty isn’t sexy. It’s all thong. They’re not gonna get you anywhere!”

Tanya Silverstein of Park Slope reminds us all, “Things go in cycles. If you keep things for 50 years,it’ll come back!”

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