New Jersey student’s epic ‘promposal’ fail turns out to be a hoax

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NEW JERSEY - For high school students thinking about asking that certain someone out to prom, the “promposal” is apparently the thing to do.

For those who haven’t kept up on the latest viral videos, the promposal is the hip - and sometimes obnoxious - trend where teens enact and film over-the-top ways to ask someone out.

It’s generally done in a public place – and for the most part – they all go according to plan.

However, in the case of New Jersey teen Patrick Smith, his promposal in front of all of his peers appeared to be an epic fail.

Nearly 2000 spectators were on hand that fateful April day when the Park Ridge High School student boldly approached the target – Jen Malespina – at a school sporting event.

Microphone in hand, he asks, "Is there any way you would like to come to prom with me?"

"I already have a date," she replies which is followed by an explosion of both laughter and groans from onlookers.

 Don't feel too bad for Smith. The 18-year-old revealed to PIX11 News Tuesday, that the viral promposal fail was apparently a hoax.

Smith came clean about the video after several media outlets across the world picked the story up.

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