A condo the city thinks is a mansion

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- No one likes paying taxes, especially when you’re overpaying.

When it comes to property taxes, the keys are the assessed value of your property and the tax rate. Charles Freund, a CPA who has an office in his Staten Island condo may be the king of over-assessed property owners.  He’s got about 1,000 square feet of space. And he says the city thinks his small place is a mansion…assessed at $2 million!

Charles got one reduction. But then it seems someone must have entered the wrong amount on the city’s end.

“I contacted the city multiple times,” Charles told us. “And they’re mostly just screen readers. They read the screen. ‘Oh yes, you owe 7-thousand and a quarter. When is the payment coming?’ I said ‘ma’am, I gave you 20-thousand dollars last year! I’m in a basement condo that should be 28-hundred. I gave you 20-thousand! When is my refund coming?’”

Charles doesn’t want to go to lodge another appeal. So he asked us to help.

We contacted the city Department of Finance. They thanked us for alerting them to this and forwarded the material to their property department to look into it.  Now, we’re waiting to see what happens.  We’ll let you know.