NYU grad student suing NYPD for allegedly shooting German Shepherd: lawyer

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — The owner of an 85-pound German Shepherd is suing the NYPD after an allegedly officer shot her 8-year-old pup, her lawyer said in a release.

The claim states that the NYPD unlawfully arrested Raven Garcia, 34, as they ransacked her apartment and shot the dog, named Macho, in the paw. Garcia says although his paw has healed, he displays fearful tendencies he didn’t have before he was shot.

Brooklyn police officer Abiola Errico shot the door of Garcia’s apartment three times, the release states. It claims that the NYPD then charged Garcia with a frivolous crime to cover up the act of animal cruelty.

The whole incident was over a misunderstanding of a cab fare, which has been resolved, it said. Garcia will be dismissed of the theft charge on Nov. 29 as long as she doesn’t rearrested before that time.

Garcia is an NYU grad student and drama therapy major.

“The most important thing is that Macho survived and is physically okay now,” said Garcia. “The matters taken by Officer Errico and the NYPD were extreme, but I continue to count my blessings.”

“For Officer’s to show such little regard for the lives and well being of man’s best friend, how much respect can they have for their fellow man?” Garcia’s attorney, Matthew Albert, said.