Schools on lock-out after armed man escapes police custody

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MONTICELLO, N.Y. — Students at multiple schools in upstate New York are on lock-out while deputies search for an armed man who fled their custody Friday, school officials said.

The lock-out was initiated at 8 a.m. as students were on their way to class in Monticello, about 95 miles north of Manhattan, the school district said in a statement. All students arrived safely at school and will not be allowed to leave until it’s deemed safe.

The lock-out applies to Robert J. Kaiser Middle School, Monticello High School, George L. Cook  and Kenneth L. Rutherford elementary schools. It does not include Emma C. Chase Elementary School.

It was sparked when a man with a gun fled police custody, the school said. Law enforcement had reason to believe he may be in the area near the schools.

A lock-out means students will stay in their buildings until word comes from law enforcement that it’s deemed safe for them to leave, the school said. All outdoor activities, like recess or gym, have been cancelled for the day.

“Extra security has been placed at all schools and personnel working at school entrances have a photograph of the suspect,” the school district said in a statement.

Anyone trying to enter a school building will be required to show a photo ID.

The school district said it will update parents and the public throughout the day via its Facebook page.

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