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Peeing airport worker gets colleague busted in $90K electronics heist

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EAST FLATBUSH — JFK cargo worker Kason Alexander apparently made a fateful—and bad—decision to urinate on a Brooklyn sidewalk last Saturday—and now he’s facing the prospect of 15 years in prison.

Not for relieving himself….but for relieving an airport warehouse of $90,000 worth of cameras, kindles, and memory cards, according to the Queens District Attorney, Richard Brown.

The District Attorney’s office said the stolen electronics were discovered last Saturday, May 23, after a police officer noticed Alexander  urinating on the sidewalk at East 57th Street near Avenue D in Brooklyn.  A cop then approached the 32-year old Alexander as he and co-worker, Akanni Martin, got into a nearby car that belonged to Martin’s brother.

The officer saw two, wooden crates on top of the folded-down backseat of the car.
Martin, 39,  allegedly told police, “We both work at a warehouse at JFK, and we came here after work to have some drinks.”

Now both cargo workers are in trouble with the law.

The District Attorney’s office said the crates contained 52 Nikon cameras, 36 camera lenses, 15 camera accessories, and 127 SanDisk chips, a popular brand of memory card.
Police said when they checked Alexander’s personal car, they recovered 100 Kindle tablets.
All totaled, the items are worth more than $90,000.

Both airport employees have been arraigned on grand larceny charges and criminal possession of stolen property.  They were released on their own recognizance and their next court appearance is July 13.

District Attorney Brown said, “The two men were trusted employees at Kennedy Airport, but they are now accused of helping themselves to nearly $100,000 worth of electronic merchandise.  The defendants now face the prospect of being locked behind bars for this brazen act.”

If convicted, both men face up to 15 years in prison, certainly a lot of potential jail time that started with a badly timed need to pee.

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