Manhattan man can’t find home after inadvertently renting apartment to sex party organizers

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MANHATTAN (PIX11)-- "Monday, I have no idea where I'm sleeping," said Ari Teman.

Just when it seemed like Ari Teman's problem's couldn't get any worse, they  did.  Teman, as you may remember, unknowingly rented out his Chelsea apartment through Airbnb to sex party organizers advertising for an orgy.

While he was able to stop the party before it took place, his landlord found out, took him to housing court and he's been evicted.  Since then Teman said he has tried to rent dozens of apartments around Manhattan, but has had no luck.

NO one it seems want to rent to him.

The problem, according to Dean Soukeras, a real estate broker and COO of Homeswipe, is Teman's appearance in housing court for eviction.  All it takes is that one time and your reputation could forever be tainted in the eyes of future landlords.

"There's no official piece of paper called a blacklist.  If you end up with an index number from the housing court then you're technically on the blacklist, explained Soukeras.

"It doesn't help me if they Google and the first three pages of results is about an orgy," said Teman.

With the clock ticking, now Teman believes Airbnb owes him and should be doing more since he believes this predicament is all thanks to the home sharing network.

Airbnb, in a statement told PIX11:

When this incident occurred over a year ago, we took immediate action to find Ari a safe place to stay and reimbursed him under our Host Guarantee program, and the individual who rented his space was permanently removed from our community."

For full disclosure, Teman is involved in several pending litigations.  One a defamation suit against him and the other a lawsuit against his former psychiatrist

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