Stephen Curry’s daughter Riley once again unanimous press-conference MVP

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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry had a stellar performance during their series-winning victory against the Rockets, but was defeated once again during the press conference by the reigning MVP, his impossibly adorable daughter Riley Curry.

Rocking a bun and a fierce cuff on her left wrist, she entered like a ghost, dramatically tossing the curtain from her head at the last second as photographers frantically tried to capture the entrance:

Her mid-question yawn was perfectly timed, as usual.  But that’s like a free throw for her at this point:

Riley then elevated her cute game by charming an Oracle Arena employee out of his shoes before slam-dunking her chewing gum right into his palm:

And lest you think trouncing her dad repeatedly after games has gone to her head, Riley reminded everyone that she “feels blessed”:

Lucky for the world, there are at least four more News conferences to look forward to, starting next Thursday after her dad gets done playing basketball.

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