SEE IT: Car plows into onlookers during Volvo safety demonstration

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(CNN) — Cars have become safer with new technologies giving drivers a break on the road, but at a recent safety demonstration, a little more braking would have been helpful.

Staff at a Volvo dealership in the Dominican Republic were witnessing a safety demonstration and testing out an auto-braking feature they mistakenly assumed the car to have when the vehicle plowed into onlookers.

Shockingly, no one was badly hurt or even went to the hospital.

Volvo is investigating the incident, but told CNN the dealership apparently thought the car was equipped with a radar and camera that scans for pedestrians and slams on the brakes if the driver doesn’t respond in time.

The good news is that, according to Volvo, the Pedestrian Detection System did not malfunction. The bad news is the car wasn’t actually equipped with the Pedestrian Detection System.

The car maker is blaming the mishap on “human error” — and the wrong assumption that the car was capable of stopping automatically.

At a previous demonstration for the press, a Volvo’s automatic braking system failed — a mishap Volvo attributed not to “human error,” but to a battery problem.