Wealthy men wearing Rolex watches getting drugged in nightclubs: source

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- During the summer months, an alarming criminal pattern often spikes in New York City.

“They usually work in warm weather,” explains former NYPD Detective Sgt. Wally Zeins, a PIX11 News contributor.

Zeins is talking about well-organized, well-dressed women who steal from the wealthy men they meet in nightclubs.

“They work in groups, they work as a team and what they do is, usually they go to clubs on certain nights that are very crowded,” Zeins said.

“Clubs that have some high hitters, heavy hitters, a lot of money, guys with their Rolexes, jewelry, bling, nice car.”

The con-artists then cozy up to the wealthy men inside the club, leave together, and once they get back to the man’s place, they drug and then rob him while he is defenseless.

“They will end up dropping a roofie on you. Next minute you wake up in the morning your Rolex is gone. Your iPhone is gone. Your computer is gone. Anything that can make some money is gone,” Zeins said.

Zeins explained the targeted men are often hesitant to report the crime and therefore accurate statistics on this type of incident do not exist.